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How Do Scales at Truck Weigh Stations Work?

​Truck weigh stations are a frequent sight along all major roadways across Canada. They play a crucial role in checking vehicular weights and are equipped with truck scales to determine a truck’s weight. To properly use a weigh station, you need to understand how they work. We can help you out with this.

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In this blog post, our expert technicians discuss how truck weigh stations work.

What Are Weigh Stations?

They are designated locations, mostly stationed directly off the highways, where commercial vehicle weights are inspected. Once a truck is verified, it will be permitted to exit and continue with the commute.

How Truck Scales Work

Weigh stations work because of the scales that weigh the truck axles. Certain scales are single-axle while others are multi-axle and use one of the three common measurement systems:

Kinds of Truck Scales

Trucks can be weighed in various ways at weigh stations. Certain modern systems enable truckers to exit and get back on the road easily, reducing staffing needs of government agencies at weigh stations. Different types of truck scales are:

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