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The Ins and Outs of Truck and Heavy Duty Weight Scales

Unlike cars, trucks and vans for personal use, heavy commercial vehicles transporting goods across the province need to be weighed before they can operate safely on the roads and highways in Alberta. But weighing heavy trucks doesn’t just keep drivers and motorists safe; it can also help you save money.

How trucks are weighed

Heavy trucks and tractor-trailers are weighed by driving the truck over a scale that measures the weight of the truck and the load it’s carrying. There are a few different types of weight scales including:

Why weighing your truck is so important

There are a number of safety considerations that make weighing your loads essential. For example, an overweight truck could lead to:

Not only can failure to weigh your truck properly be a major safety concern, it can also lead to hefty tickets and fines at provincial weight scales throughout Alberta.

Truck scales can help you save money

Well maintained weight scales can help you keep your trucks within the proper weight limit and save you thousands of dollars in:

Scale maintenance

It’s true that truck scales can save you money while also keeping your drivers and other motorists safe but only if they’re working correctly.

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