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Latest Scale Communication Technology: the Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise

At Ancoma Scales, we like to keep our customers informed about the latest technologies that can help their businesses. Every business person knows that making money is all about efficiency. With a little investment in new, more efficient technologies now, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and increase your profit in the future. One product that can revolutionize how your business thinks of operations and data is the Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise programmable HMI indicator and controller.

We at Ancoma Scales specialize in the design and construction of custom weighing scales as well as calibrations, retrofits, and repairs for your truck scales in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Here’s just a little information that will help you find the scale system that is right for you. Just a few of the stand-out features of the Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise include:

There are many advantages to the Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise for your business’s weighing systems. What sets it apart from older systems is its versatility, so no matter what your business’s needs are, the 1280 can be set up to work with you.

Where can you get more information about the Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise?

If your business needs reliable and accurate truck scales or other weighing equipment that are fully integrated into your system, contact us at Ancoma Scales in Edmonton, Alberta today. The Rice Lake 1280 may be perfect for your business but, if you have different needs, our friendly staff is here to make sure you get the system that works best for your company.