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Renting Truck Scales and Axle Pads in Edmonton, Alberta

If you use a truck to transport raw materials, you probably know that having an accurate scale for measuring your truck’s axle weight is essential. However, buying a truck scale outright can be a big investment, especially if you’re a business that’s just starting out. That’s why at Anacoma Scales we offer truck scales and axle pads for rental as well as purchase. Keep reading to learn more about how truck scales work and the types available for rental at our warehouse in Edmonton.

Truck Scale Ancoma Scales Alberta
Truck Scale Installation: Ancoma Scales, Alberta

Why are truck scales important?

Truck scales are used to determine the axle weight—the weight supported by each of the truck’s axles—and the gross vehicle weight of trucks carrying heavy loads. It’s important to weigh transport vehicles so you can avoid the steep fines for exceeding a truck’s maximum axle weight. Loads that are too heavy can cause damage to the vehicle and decrease its overall stability, putting everyone on the road in danger. What’s more, driving an overweight vehicle can void your insurance policy.

What’s the difference between a regular truck scale and an axle pad?

A full-length truck scale allows for the entire vehicle to be weighed at once. It consists of several key parts:

Axle pad scales are ideal for calculating axle weights in places where a regular truck scale can’t be easily installed. They consist of weigh pads that go under the truck to take the weight of each axle individually. The axle weights can be combined to determine the gross vehicle weight.

At Ancoma Scales, we have both full-length truck scales and axle pads available for rental. Here are two of the models we offer:

Renting truck scales in Alberta

At Ancoma Scales, we’re proud to sell and rent quality truck scales to people in Edmonton and across Alberta. To learn more, contact us today!