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When was the last time your Truck Scales were calibrated?

If you have your own truck scales, you already know how much a precise measurement can save you in overweight fines and tickets. But are you sure that it’s accurate? When was the last time you had it calibrated? Keep reading to learn more about scale calibration and why it’s so important.

Overweight tickets

When drivers go through weight scales in Alberta and their truck’s overweight, it’s the company that gets hit with the ticket. That means it’s your responsibility to make certain that every driver you put on the road with one of your trucks is carrying less than the weight limit for that specific type of vehicle.

Delayed until unloaded

Trucks that are too heavy could be stopped at the scale. They’ll need to wait until you send out another truck to unload some of the overweight freight. Usually, you have 24 hours to send out a second truck that can lighten the load before first truck will be towed. Any costs incurred are your responsibility.

These types of delays can cost you thousands of dollars in overtime wages, added fuel costs and more. Not to mention the effect that a delayed shipment could have on your client relationships. This is why it’s so important to make sure your truck scales are properly calibrated at all times.


In addition to the risk of being ticketed and delayed, an inaccurate reading can also translate into lost revenue. If the scale isn’t accurate you may be giving a portion of your product away for free. This type of shrinkage can add up very quickly.

Maintenance and calibration

Check your scale regularly for signs of wear and keep all components free of dirt and debris. No matter what type of scale you have, calibration is an important part of its proper functioning. Make having your weight scales cleaned and professionally calibrated a part of your regular preventive maintenance routine.

Trusted sales and services

With Ancoma Scales you can choose from a selection of permanent and portable scales, decks, automated ticketing systems and more. No matter what you’re trying to weigh, we’ve got a scale to suit your needs. We also offer the following services:

When you choose Ancoma Scales for your annual calibrations we’ll provide you with a certificate for your records.

For more information on our truck weight scales—and other products and services!—visit Ancoma Scales in Edmonton today. We’re proud to cater to businesses all over Alberta and Northern BC and have been proudly serving the community for over 30 years. Contact us today for all your truck weighing needs.