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Why Do Trucks Need to Be Weighed?

​The automotive market is continuously growing in today’s business world. The increased demand for goods that are to be delivered in the most convenient way has led to a lot of trucks on Canadian roads. Truck drivers are required to complete certain steps and follow regulations to ensure the safe delivery of their cargo. They should ensure that all vehicle parts are working properly with maintenance, repairs and replacement performed when needed. Drivers also need to check whether the loads they are carrying are under the stipulated weight parameters. This is where the importance of weight truck scales and weigh stations must be considered.

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In this blog post, we discuss why trucks should be weighed.

Where Do Trucks Get Weighed?

Weigh stations are areas (stationary or portable) specifically intended to measure commercial truck weights. The reason they exist is to ensure that the quality of the roads does not get compromised by overweight vehicles.

Trucks must stop at the weigh station for weighing and will be permitted to exit once they are verified. Each province may have different guidelines related to appropriate and safe truck weights.

Some weight truck scales stationed at weigh stations are designed to weigh trucks in motion, while others need the driver to stop completely. After the vehicle has passed over the weighing scale, the authorized inspector will let the driver know whether they can continue or must pullover for additional inspections.

Reasons to Consider

The various reasons why commercial trucks should be weighed are:

Safety – Truck drivers travel across different provinces in the country that each has their own structural and safety limitations with weight being one of them. If a truck is heavier than the restricted weight, it can cause damage over time. The weight limit usually gets decided by various factors such as the weight limit of the weakest structural selection of that province.

Vehicular safety should also be considered with structural road safety. Commercial trucks are required by the law to maintain a weight limit within the specified capacity of the truck that’s operated. If the truck is overloaded, it can become a danger to the driver and others on the road. It will also be difficult to maneuver and take more time to come to a complete stop.

Taxes – Taxes are another reason why trucks must be weighed. Carriers pay lots of money in taxes for putting that much stress on the roads; it is calculated by their complete weight. These taxes help in maintaining the bridges and roads. If a vehicle carries more than what’s allowed, it must be split among other trucks or an overweight exception permit should be applied. This is why carriers should know the weight capacity before sending out the trucks to avoid accidents or delays.

Profitability - The value of many goods is determined based on their weight. The weight of every load shipped and received must be calculated accurately to ensure fair trade as well as increased profitability and decreased costs. An inaccurate weight measurement system can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of losses.

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