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Belt Scales

Explore precision and durability with our belt scale solutions. From the robust BCi to the versatile Master™ frames and the advanced 882D Integrator, our products deliver accuracy in challenging environments. Trust us for reliable belt weighing across diverse industrial applications.

Belt Scales

Immerse yourself in a world of durability and precision with the robust BCi belt scale weigh frame from Rice Lake. Crafted to withstand the test of time, the BCi stands as one of the most accurate belt scales in its category. Whether it's mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control operations, or load-out applications, the BCi excels effortlessly. With exceptional accuracy, it can handle capacities of up to 10,000 tons per hour, delivering unparalleled precision in every measurement.

The 221DB Master™ belt scale weigh frame is comprised of two arms featuring a pivot and a load cell attached to the side supports of the conveyor belt. Positioned on top of the frame arms is the idler, also known as the weighing roller. This configuration offers straightforward assembly and easy accessibility for maintenance purposes. With its adaptable design, the 221DB is suitable for a wide range of belt widths and capacities, making it a versatile solution applicable to various scenarios.


The 311M Master belt scale weigh frame offers a cost-effective solution with its straightforward design. It comprises a load cell beam on which an idler or weighing roller is positioned. This configuration provides an efficient and economical weighing solution. The 311M frame is suitable for belt widths up to 1,500 mm and belt speeds up to 2 meters per second. It is commonly utilized for belts that require capacity regulation of bulk flow based on the measured value and controlled belt speed. With its affordability and compatibility with various belt specifications, the 311M Master belt scale weigh frame is a practical choice for such applications.

In demanding industries such as mining, bulk material blending, and sand or gravel quarries, belt scales require instrumentation that can meet the challenge. That's where the 882D belt scale integrator shines. Despite its tough and compact design, it delivers straightforward and precise data in a wide range of environments, including hazardous locations. With its advanced programming capabilities and optional I/O, the 882D can be tailored to handle product dosing and metering tasks.

The integrator features a backlit display that ensures easy viewing of rate, speed, and time, even in challenging lighting conditions that would typically hinder screen readability. Encased in an IP66 stainless steel enclosure, the 882D is well-protected against severe weather and harsh environments. Whether you require belt weighing for process control or applications such as truck, barge, or rail loadout, you can trust the durable performance of the 882D in any setting.

882D Belt Scale Integrator
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