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Ancoma Scales

Bench Scales

Ancoma Scales offers a range of Bench scales from many different manufacturers. We can definitely provide you with a solution to your needs. Contact our sales department to find the right solution for you.

Rice Lake Bench Scale System

Rice Lake Bench Scale System

Introducing the Ready-n-Weigh Bench Scale System—a comprehensive package that includes a bench scale, indicator, and column. Customize your setup by pairing the CW-90XB light-capacity industrial bench scale base with one of Rice Lake's indicators, tailored to meet your specific requirements. With a variety of dimensions and capacities, ranging from low to mid-size options, you can select the ideal fit for your needs, supporting weights of up to 100 pounds. To ensure convenience and efficiency, each scale package comes pre-calibrated at the factory, enabling swift and hassle-free setup..

OHAUS Defender 3000 Series bench scales

Ohaus Bench Scales

The OHAUS Defender 3000 Series bench scales are specifically designed for a wide range of applications, including general weighing and straightforward counting tasks in various settings such as production, packaging, warehouses, inventory management, and shipping and receiving areas. These scales are equipped with a durable tubular-frame base, ensuring reliability and longevity. The accompanying indicators feature tactile keys, a backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation, and versatile mounting options, making them user-friendly and adaptable to different environments..

Tufner Bench Scales

Tufner Bench Scales

The Tufner line of bench scale offer multiple sizes of platforms with mild steel and stainless steel options. All scales comes with adjustable tilt displays  and have adjustable feet to provide exceptional traction. Standard with a removable column and is legal-for-trade in Canada

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