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Total Cost of Owning a Truck Scale

There are many ways of looking at the cost of a truck scale, but the total cost of ownership can help you choose the best investment for your business. By dividing the total cost of the scale plus install and maintenance by the total lifetime of reliable weighments, then dividing by 365, you will find the true daily cost of ownership.

Before purchasing, consider:

  • Years of reliable weighing the scale will endure

  • Upfront initial cost of the scale and installation

  • Cost of regular annual maintenance

Use the formula to the right to determine your total cost per day to own one truck scale brand versus another.

Review this example to see how a truck scale with a lower initial cost could actually cost more to own over its lifetime.

Rice Lake SURVIVOR truck scales are designed to last a generation or more. Meaning, in ideal conditions, you'll use your SURVIVOR for 25 years.

Use the Total Cost of Ownership calculator to determine your total cost per day to own one truck scale brand compared to another.

You can also look at the price per pound by dividing the cost of the scale by the shipping weight. More structural steel means a more durable weighbridge. The more the scale weighs, the more steel and more strength is incorporated

total cost 1.png
Total cost 2.png

The most important decision you will make when purchasing a truck scale is choosing a truck scale distributor to help you select, install and maintain the scale. A truck scale is a large investment, and your truck scale dealer should be there every step of the way. When making this decision, ask your respected peers in the industry who they chose to partner with for a truck scale purchase.

Not all have the same qualifications. A Rice Lake authorized distributor can make all the difference. Authorized distributors employ certified technicians that can troubleshoot, repair, maintain and certify (if needed) your truck scale. They also have ample experience with truck scales from every facet of your industry. You may also want to select a truck scale distributor who has partnered with local construction agencies if your application will require concrete work.

More than anything, you want a local truck scale distributor who will be there for you when you need them; someone who is only a phone call and car ride away. The importance of a qualified, Rice Lake scale distributor and the benefits they can offer you locally are invaluable.

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