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Ancoma Scales

Truck Scales


The SURVIVOR® truck scales manufactured by Rice Lake Weighing Systems are constructed to be rugged and resilient from beginning to end. These truck scales are engineered to deliver long-lasting, dependable performance and offer unparalleled reliability even in the harshest of environments.

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Cardinal Scale features a comprehensive line of truck scales for almost every heavy-duty vehicle weighing need. Cardinal Scale’s truck scale line features models that can be used in the most high-volume, punishing, and damaging environments.


The Load Ranger wheel weigh pads are precision weighing scales that are particularly suitable for mobile and temporary applications. These wireless wheel pads from Load Ranger provide a versatile and adaptable solution for vehicle weighing. The Load Ranger wireless wheel pads boast unmatched accuracy, and can effectively measure wheel or axle weights, either individually or in sets of up to 14 pads.


Axle scales provide a cost-effective, versatile, and transportable alternative for weighing vehicles and trucks.

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