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Rice Lake ATV Portable Truck Scales

Portability Meets Performance

The SURVIVOR ATV portable truck scale is designed to meet the high performance standards of all SURVIVOR products, providing heavy-capacity weighing for non-permanent sites. The compact and low-profile weighbridge is durable and can withstand the tough demands of temporary operations such as aggregate mining, construction, or timber operations. Made with a steel deck welded to twelve 12-inch, wide flange, 14-pound structural steel I-beams, the SURVIVOR ATV has a higher steel content compared to its competitors, resulting in superior endurance and longevity.

Rice Lake ATV Portable Truck Scales
Rice Lake ATV Portable Truck Scales

Easily Expand or Transport

The SURVIVOR ATV is a flexible and adaptable solution that is simple to set up, expand, and transport to various locations, making it suitable for evolving business needs. Its versatile modules come pre-wired and preassembled with self-seating hinge joints, allowing for easy addition or removal of sections to precisely fit the specific application requirements.

ATV Portable Truck Scales
ATV Portable Truck Scales

Built Tough, Start to Finish

Every SURVIVOR ATV scale is proudly made onsite at Rice Lake Weighing Systems. All weighbridge components are shot-blasted and cleaned of debris, grease and oil. After welding and assembly, each scale is painted with a high-performance epoxy primer, followed by a finish of hard-coat, high-solids urethane primer and paint.

  • Top access to load cells and junction box

  • 75,000 lb load cells and pre-assembled G-Force™ mounts

  • NTEP Certified 02-003

  • 100,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)

  • 100,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)

  • Up to 270,000 lb full scale capacity

  • Bolt-on backfill ramp bulkheads (removable for concrete approaches)

  • End clean out

  • Three standard widths: 10 ft, 11 ft and 12 ft(available up to 16.5 ft, NTEP Certified)

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