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Ancoma Scales

Kiosks and Unmanned Weighing

Automated Kiosk Systems Streamline Traffic and Data Management

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Automated Kiosk Systems


  • Fully automated solution for truck weighing

  • Custom ticket formats

  • User-friendly, intuitive operator prompting

  • Complete data management with Ontrak PC software

  • Accurate weighing and data management with Rice Lake's controllers

  • Designed for unattended weighing


  • Drivers remain in the vehicle, improving safety and reducing liability

  • 24-hour automation expands service hours

  • Improved traffic flows keeps busy drivers moving, increasing profits

  • Less time in the yard means a more efficient delivery schedule

  • Fewer transaction errors build stronger customer relationships

  • Faster transactions create higher throughput

920i kiosk.png

Rice Lake’s Automated Kiosk Systems boost efficiency and optimize the flow of traffic in and out of your facility with fully automated or semi-unattended ticketing. With ticketing kiosks, drivers can check-in, weigh-in and -out, and print tickets without ever exiting the truck, increasing safety for your drivers. By automating everything from point-of-sale to account management, this system virtually eliminates transaction errors.

Rice Lake’s kiosks can integrate with the central office and accounting systems, no matter the size. The user-friendly interface is housed in a rugged, painted mild or stainless steel enclosure for long-lasting use. Automated kiosks are ideal for a variety of applications, including ports, transfer stations, landfills, warehouses, feed mills, grain terminals, chemical plants, construction sites, load-out facilities and more.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Truck Scale Kiosk's Safety Swing-Away Arm


  • Protects all kiosks from truck mirrors, fenders and cabs

  • Swings away freely and returns to center position

  • Universal mount accommodates a wide variety of kiosks

  • Includes mounting pole and base stand

  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal mounting

Additional Options available are:


Traffic Lights


Photo Eyes

RFID Readers

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