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Ancoma Scales

Medical & Health Scales

Medical and health scales are indispensable tools in healthcare settings, enabling accurate and precise measurements of weight and height. These scales play a crucial role in monitoring patient health, assessing growth, and determining treatment plans. With advancements in technology, digital physician scales have emerged as the preferred choice for their convenience and reliability. They feature user-friendly interfaces, clear displays, and often incorporate additional functionalities like integrated height bars and portable designs. Medical and health scales are essential instruments for healthcare professionals, assisting in providing comprehensive care and facilitating informed decision-making in various medical settings.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

150-10-5 Digital Physician Scale Eye Level

The Rice Lake 150-10-5 digital physician scale boasts a digital display positioned at eye level, ensuring a precise and easily readable weight measurement. This scale goes beyond weight alone, as it also incorporates a height bar within its column, enabling healthcare practitioners to swiftly capture both height and weight data. Additionally, its built-in wheels facilitate effortless transportation, while the flexibility of choosing between an AC adaptor or batteries allows for convenient usage in any healthcare setting.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

150-10-6 Digital Physician Scale Waist Level

The Rice Lake 150-10-6 digital physician scale combines modern aesthetics with user-friendly features. It showcases a sleek design and incorporates a waist-level digital display, conveniently positioned at just over four feet, ensuring effortless usability. The scale's sturdy and spacious base provides stability and comfort, while its built-in rubber wheels facilitate easy transportation. Power options include the choice between an optional AC adaptor or standard alkaline batteries, offering flexibility in different settings. The scale's large push-button display illuminates for easy viewing, and an audible beep signals the completion of each weigh cycle, enhancing user convenience.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

150-10-7 Digital Physician Scale Floor Level

The Rice Lake 150-10-7 digital physician scale is a reliable tool for precise weight measurements, capable of handling up to 550 pounds. Its sturdy and spacious scale base ensures stability and comfort, and for added convenience, an optional carrying case is available for easy transportation. Whether powered by an optional AC adaptor or standard alkaline batteries, the 150-10-7 scale is designed for effortless usability. Its large push-button display illuminates for clear viewing, and an audible beep signifies the completion of each weigh cycle, making the process more user-friendly.

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