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Floor Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems


The RoughDeck HP sets a new standard in reliability and performance, offering enhanced features that ensure unmatched precision weighing. With weight capacities ranging from 1000 to 30,000 lbs, the RoughDeck HP is the industry leader in Legal-for-Trade applications. Its durability is reinforced by a robust 6" structural steel channel frame and a diamond treadplate safety deck, providing unparalleled protection against forks and industrial abuse. The NEMA 4 aluminum TuffSeal junction box is securely mounted on a convenient slide-out tray, facilitating easy setup and service access. For added convenience, cables are equipped with sturdy cord grips or a quick disconnect option. Moreover, all load cell cables are enclosed in conduit, eliminating the risk of rough handling. The load cells themselves are recessed within the channel, ensuring comprehensive protection from all sides while still maintaining effortless access for leveling purposes..

Safeguard Against what lies Beneath

In environments where unseen microbes can have severe consequences for both production facilities and consumers, it is crucial to take proactive measures. That's why Rice Lake's RoughDeck QC-X washdown floor scale is specifically engineered to provide unparalleled microbial resistance in sanitary settings, including food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical applications.

The RoughDeck QC-X base is constructed using solid stainless steel vertical plates, ensuring exceptional protection against bacteria and mold growth. Its rugged design features 304 stainless steel construction and four welded-seal load cells with PTFE cable, making it suitable for steam cleaning and washdown areas. By meeting the strict sanitation requirements, the RoughDeck QC-X creates an environment conducive to thorough and effective cleaning.

When the utmost protection is essential, Rice Lake's QC-X presents the ideal solution for maintaining strict sanitary standards in washdown environments. Rest assured, with the RoughDeck QC-X, you can mitigate risks associated with microbial contamination effectively.


AnyLoad Weigh & Measure

Engineered with precision, ANYLOAD FSP mild steel floor scales feature a symmetrical grid channel frame and a robust checkered deck plate adorned with a durable diamond safety tread. These floor scales embody a heavy-duty industrial design, making them perfect for a range of industrial and commercial environments. The structural support of the channel frame ensures exceptional durability, while the slip and skid resistant checkered surface adds an extra layer of safety, offering peace of mind and reliability in every application..

Anyload-FSP-mild-steel-industrial-floor-scale (1).jpg
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