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Rice Lake OTR Truck Scales

SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck Truck Scale

Long-lasting Value

SURVIVOR OTR truck scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue—equivalent to more than two million weighments. Rice Lake’s warranty covers load cells, junction boxes and suspension systems to ensure worry-free operation. SURVIVOR OTR truck scales also include a lightning protection package, and weighbridges are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is available for a choice between five and an industry-leading 12 years from delivery.
Breathing Room Below

The SURVIVOR OTR steel deck features an open-bottom design, eliminating the cavity where rust-causing moisture can collect. Rice Lake’s unique asphalt emulsion coating is applied to all non-visible steel surfaces and undersides, adding extra protection from moisture and corrosive elements to prolong the life of the scale.
Tough from Start to Finish

OTR truck scales go through an extensive finishing process: blast-cleaning to remove mill scale and surface imperfections, maximum coating adhesion preparation, high-solids urethane primer and paint application, and an asphalt emulsion undercoating on all non-visible steel surfaces.

Integrated Load Cell Pockets

Top access to load cells and junction boxes through an integrated load cell pocket ensures easy installation and maintenance. Load cell pockets are made with heavy-duty steel plates incorporated into the design of the scale, adding extraordinary strength and integrity to a critical area of the weighbridge.

Self-checking Mounting System

Rice Lake’s G-Force™ self-checking mounting system eliminates excess movement and scale wear by using 100 percent of the gravitational force from the loading action against itself, returning the scale to center without check rods or bumper bolts.

The compact, low-profile SURVIVOR OTR steel deck installs quickly—ready to weigh heavy loads and withstand constant traffic in as little as one day, getting production processes up and running as quickly as possible. The SURVIVOR OTR steel deck features a wide-flange I-beam construction. 12-inch wide-flange beams on 11.5-inch centers run longitudinally with the traffic flow beneath a 5/16-inch diamond plate deck. The wide-flange I-beam construction helps minimize deflection (vertical flexing), a major factor in determining the life of the weighbridge.


Many other manufacturers use lighter beams and bent plates in the middle of the bridge, or may space beams farther away from the center of the module to reduce the cost of the scale. Over time, this type of bridge can bow, causing inaccuracies in weighments, scale downtime and eventually scale failure.

The SURVIVOR OTR six-inch concrete deck sits above the truck scale’s neutral axis and is supported by a six-inch steel deck substructure, delivering maximum strength to the entire length and width of the deck modules.
Many competitive weighbridges try to compensate for lighter steel and the lack of steel components by pouring a nine, 10 or 12 inch concrete deck, often extending below the neutral axis. This can result in dangerous concrete bending, which can cause surface cracks after only a short period of use.

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