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Tufner Truck Scales

Built to the Highest Standard

Tufner Scales is devoted to offering a complete line of truck scales to meet any application requirement, from a new installation, to a custom size for an existing concrete foundation. TUFNER was developed by utilizing our years of experience where we’ve always met the highest standard. We have turned it up a notch to create top quality, industrial tough scales. Our Tufner Truck Scale is built tough and is the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle weighing applications.

Exceptional Strength Outperforms Competitors’ Scales

TUFNER utilizes up to 7/16” tread plate decking for increased durability and strength, and is supported by orthotropic U-beam steel ribs that are completely sealed by continuous welds. Unlike our competitors’ design that uses I-beams and intermittent welds, which allows moisture to penetrate, Tufner truck scales are built with an airtight continuously welded seal that eliminates the potential for rusting from the inside out. The U-beam ribs are shaped to distribute concentrated loads and minimize flexing better than I-beam designs, leading to a longer life for your scale even in the harshest environments.

Interchangeable Modular Design Revolutionizes the Industry

TUFNER truck scales are the only scale of its kind available, thanks to our patented

modular design. Our distributors have the ability of stocking individual modules.
This allows them to build scales of any size per customers’ requirements, or to expand the length of the scale for future growth. Our Tufner Truck Scale is designed for easy access, which allows maintenance to be more efficient and cost-effective, versus the commonly seen non-modular or semi-modular designs.

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