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Rice Lake Vehicle Scales

Ancoma Scales offers an impressive collection of specialized weighing supplies for all your construction needs. Many of our products can be rented as well as purchased. We also offer used products for sale at reduced prices. Our top-selling products range from high-end, project-specific items to the smallest of everyday materials. Contact one of our sales specialists to discuss our full range of our offerings.


Axle Scales

The AX3040 axle scale is easily portable, available in multiple lengths and is ideal for monitoring vehicle weights at temporary sites.

  • Sizes: 7, 12 and 14 ft lengths

  • Construction: Steel or Aluminum

  • Axle capacity - tandem platforms - 60,000 or 80,000 lb (30,000 lb or 40,000 lb each)

  • Includes (4) 5/8-11 NC eye bolts

  • Contains two load cells per platform

  • Treaded top plate with four lifting eyes

  • JB4SS TuffSeal® signal trim junction box

  • 10 ft EL146HE Interconnect cable with MS-type connectors to go between weigh pads

  • 50 ft EL147HE cable to connect weigh pad to indicator

  • Not-Legal for Trade

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